Learning is really important to us

We strive to ensure that evaluations and research are at the heart of how we make decisions and drive impact.

Our approach to learning has two core components: multi-year sector studies that look at how we create impact in our priority sectors, and our Rapid Insights programme, which works at a faster pace to help companies we work with better understand and enhance their impact.

In addition, we will pilot a challenge fund aimed at unlocking cutting edge research on the impact of private sector investing. We will always share what we learn to ensure it benefits as many people as possible.

Our impact in numbers


jobs directly supported by our portfolio in Africa and South Asia.


average annual job creation rate, compared to background growth rates of 2.2%


taxes paid by our investees in Africa and South Asia


capital deployed by CDC in 2017 went to countries with the most difficult investment environments

Recent news

Rapid Insights

Key contacts

Alex MacGillivray

Director, Evaluations

Paddy Carter

Director, Research and Policy

Kate Griffith

Manager, Evaluations